Waiting, watching, ready, strong and full of love for His kids.

Life is full of seasons. As I was watching my kids the other day, I was reminded of this.  Currently, they are in an AWESOME season (minus potty-training).

My kids are worry free.  They constantly play with their friends and toys...they get snacks when they are hungry...the television shows they watch ooze positivity and goofy dancing....if they need something, it's provided for them...and they know that they are loved by a family who makes sure they are taken care of to the exhaustion of their every resource.

My kids enjoy life.  They sing and dance.  They laugh and play.  They are full of energy and excitement.  This brings me more joy than you could imagine.

And, deep down in the back of my mind, I know this will not always be the case.  They will go through difficult seasons.  They will soon awaken to the realities of a broken world and face the hardships of a life lived there.  I don't like stay in this thought.

However, what brings me back is seeing the joy on their faces as they  enjoy life.  I could never get enough of this!

As I thought about all of this, I was reminded about the seasons that I've gone through.  Some were good, some difficult, some painful and some that I wish I didn't have to endure.   And as I pictured these, I was reminded that my Dad-in-heaven was watching over me much like I watch over my kids.  I pictured the Almighty God is taking care of me...and going through every season with me...no matter what.  I pictured His thoughts and emotions as he watched me journey through life's seasons and compared that to what I feel as I watch over my kids.

I came to this conclusion:

If you're in an easy season, a fun season, a season where life feels good -- there is nothing better that we can do then to BE JOYFUL and LIVE WELL!  Let God know how great He is and how thankful you are for this season you are in.  Be spontaneous, be goofy, laugh a lot!  There is nothing better than for a dad to see his kids happy.

If you're in a difficult season, a painful season, a season where hope is fleeting -- know that God is over you.  He is with you.  He has not left or forgotten about you.  He is there as a shoulder to cry on and ready to show you His faithfulness!  He's promised to make all things right...and sometimes we need to just hold-on and trust that.  His heart breaks as yours breaks...and He's ready to help, fix and do all He can to put together the pieces.  That is what a good Dad does.  And as we learned last weekend ... FAMILY IS WORTH IT.  Family means a TON to God, and when He calls us sons and daughters, He's shown us our worth to Him!

Embrace the season you are in and know that it will not last forever.  The seasons change and the world keeps turning.  Always remember that your Dad-in-Heaven is over you watching, waiting, ready, faithful, strong and full of love for His kids.

Ecclesiastes 3:1 - For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.