Fingerprints, sunrises and snowflakes...

Photo on 7-5-13 at 2.33 PM #3 Isn't it strange how God has designed things to work...

God has created each of us uniquely.  Each of us have different characteristics, different skills, talents, ideas and even our physicalities are unique.

Humor me for a minute.

For some reason, God didn't just create one "finger-template" and give it to all human beings.  We each have a unique finger with a unique finger print.  The same is true with our feet, eyes, brain...etc.  No two are alike.  God seems to like to make unique things.  Think of snowflakes and two are alike.

New and unique seem to be God's trademarks.

All day long, with whatever we find ourselves doing, we leave  finger and footprints...God's unique stamp on us.  And even moreso than that, we leave other non-physical traces (like a life-print) of our "unique-ness" on life...our ideas, our efforts, our love!  This is like God's divine reminder that we're not put here by chance.  God pays too much attention to detail for that ever to be true!

If so much effort and detail was put into creating us new and unique, we must serve a new and unique function.  There simply isn't any other explanation given what we know about God!

For me, this thought has encouraged me to continue living out the life that God has put before me with full vigor!  What else could be better?

Maybe today, as you live out the life God has put before you, celebrate your unique-ness.  Know that you're leaving finger, footprints and "life-prints" that serve an intricate funciton in God's perfect plan.  Know that what God has created wonderfully unique, He wants to use for a wonderfully unique purpose!

Hope you've had a great week.

Psalm 139:14 - Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!     Your workmanship is marvelous—how well I know it.