Why are we so excited for the weekend?

Image Hey Church!

Let me tell you why we're so excited for this weekend!

Well, that's because it's Friday...and that means that tonight is MOM'S NIGHT OUT!  If you are a mom of ANY age, tonight is your night!  Feel free to join other moms from our church in hanging out, enjoying a movie and some excellent desserts!  If you want, you can even bring along your favorite dessert to share!  This event kicks off at 7PM...and this is only the beginning!

On Sunday, we'll be wrapping up our series on the Ten Commandments.  Pastor Bill will be talking about the 10th and final command, "You should not covet." If you've ever struggled with wanting something that is not yours...or have felt dissatisfied with what God has provided you with, then this is the weekend to join us at church!  Very powerfully and practically, we'll talk about how to overcome an all consuming desire for what is not ours!   Be sure to invite a friend!

Also, we'll be having a baby dedication at the 11AM service!  This is always an exciting time for our church!

During the service on Sunday, we'll also watch a video preview of our next sermon series called "bless this home."  All  of July we'll dive into this topic of restoring God's peace and blessings to our homes.  I'm praying all of our families will be strengthened and encouraged by this series!

Don't miss a weekend!  Some incredibly cool things are going on!    Hold on!  We are in some exciting times! Hope you're having a great day and I look forward to connecting with you on Sunday!


PS -- no pastors were harmed in the making of the above picture :)