What's coming this weekend...and creating a culture of invitation!

As we look toward the weekend, I'm growing more excited for what God wants to speak to us this Sunday at McLane Church Erie! For 10 weeks now, we've been studying the 10 commandments!  We've concluded is that these commands are words that reveal God's character and nature while also reminding us how life works best!

This week's topic is - you should not steal!

Aside from the direct nature of this command, there is a deeper application that these four words will speak to each of us!

In preparation for the weekend, try to think through each of these questions:  Have you ever had anything stolen from you?  How did this make you feel?  How was your life different because of it?  What can this command tell us about God's character and nature?

In addition to learning about this 8th commandment, we'll be honoring our Fathers!  Bring your DAD!  He'll not want to miss our celebration on Sunday!

Speaking of invitation, a good friend of mine Chris Norris (@CNorris_10) has been working on a project to help us invite people to church through the internet.  Check it out:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXGoXOiXcSI&w=560&h=315]

Feel free to share this video, post it to your facebook or send links to it.  We want as many people to hear about the life-saving and life-changing power of Jesus as possible!  This tool can be a help to you.  You'll find other online tools HERE

We need to continue to create a culture of INVITATION...where we're inviting people in...doing life with one another...and spreading the best news the world has ever heard!

Hope you've had a great week!

Services at McLane Erie are at 9 and 11AM -- and at the Downtown YMCA at 3PM