Highlight from this weekend -- and the fruits of living out your mission!

This weekend I witnessed something AWESOME at church that I had to share- First, let me give you some of the back story:  Our G3 (or student ministry) team is staffed with some pretty incredble volunteer leaders.  They have a heart for our city's youth...and they truly embrace our church's mission, "to eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ."

Each Thursday evening, our G3 team travels all across our city (East Side to West Side) to pick up kids to bring them to youth group.  Many of these kids' parents do not attend church...or have never been to church.  In fact, the majority of the kids we reach out to each week are kids we drive to pick up before youth group.  Transportation is a big barrier that we've decided must come down.

Fast forward to this Sunday.  Our G3 team decided to continue breaking down this barrier for Sunday's worship experience.  Our G3 leader offered to pick up any student who wanted to come to church on Sunday...and many came!  Not only that, but after church, they all went roller skating together and had a great time!

It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G to see the fruits of seeing a need, standing in the gap, inviting someone to church, and going the extra mile to continue to build relationships.  Well done.  You guys make me proud...and may this story continue to inspire all of us to do the same!

I love our church.