How to get answers..."fast!"

We ALL want

In the age of instantaneous information, 4G networks, live-tweeting and the like, statements like the one above couldn't ring more true.  Access to critical information is a must in our society.  We want to know answers as soon as we ask questions!

What if getting the answers..."fast"...looked a little different...

This week, a few leaders and myself found ourselves on the verge of making some critical decisions.  Feeling the weight of these decisions and understanding the limits of our collective wisdom, we decided to hold a "seek the"

We chose to go without food for an amount of time to seek God's help in making these decisions.

Let me just stop to say that fasting is like exercise to me.  I always hesitate to start a fast...but I'm always grateful that I did it when it's over!

Fasting is declaring your dependence on God and forgoing something in an effort to reaffirm your seriousness in drawing nearer to God.

Maybe today, you're at a critical juncture.  Maybe you need an answer or wisdom to make a weighty decision.  Truth be told, we need God for so much more than we give Him credit for.  Maybe today, you need to start a "seek the!"

Fasting, praying, reading scripture, and engaging with each other -- these are  ways God speaks to (and through) us.  Another way is by attending church!  If you don't have a home church, I want to invite you to McLane Church Erie -- 1654 W. Gore Rd. Erie, Pa.  -- We hold services at 9AM and 11AM on Sundays.

You may wonder the results of our "fast."  I started the fast asking God for an answer...and I ended the fast with a clear next step.  I feel that in all of this, God is saying that the process we're in is just as important (or more important) than the answer we're looking for!

Keep pushing forward...keep seeking God...and be amazed by how He shows up all along the journey!