How big is your God? (...and a preview of this weekend)

Image As we look toward another weekend at McLane Church Erie, I am growing more and more excited by what is doing...and for what's to come!

Last weekend, as a band before the service, we gathered early to pray and share what was on our hearts.  One of our bandmates shared that he had a heavy heart for a friend who was far from God.  We stopped everything to pray for this person...that he'd see God working and moving all around him...and that he would become open to what God wanted to do in his life.

Later that same afternoon, this bandmate got word that the gentleman we prayed for suddenly became interested in going to church...and he was open to restoring a broken relationship that was once close to him.  It seems like God answered our prayer in a big way!

This is just a tiny example of the GREAT power of our God to move in someone's life.  We need to be praying big prayers like that each and every day.  The bigness of our prayers reflects the bigness of our God!

Speaking of big-ness, we'll be continuing our series on the TEN Commandments this weekend (#McTEN) as we talk about Exodus 20:7, which says that God's name should never be taken in vain.  The magnitude of the God we serve and the power of his name (which  the Jews would not even pronounce) must never be taken for granted.

What is behind this command?  We'll learn about the big-ness of our God's name this weekend!

You have to invite a friend to see what's going on at our church.  Plus, it's Mother's Day!  bring your mom to church too!  I'm so excited and encouraged by all God is doing.

Hope you've had a great week and I can't wait to see you Sunday!