"Yaaaaay, shoes!" and the quest for joy!

IMG_20130509_120117When was the last time you clapped and cheered as you put your shoes on? This morning, I watched a little boy do just that as he was told that he’d soon be going outside!  “Yaaaay, shoes!,” he exclaimed!  This little boy’s joy spilled over like fizz in a freshly shaken soda bottle with the thought of an adventure in the front yard!

Amazing!  As an adult, my thoughts initially go to analytics.  What could possibly cause that kind of joy? Was it something about his yard that got him that excited?  Was it his love for shoes?  Was his joy an effect of know his dad would be going outside with him?

In my adult thinking, no answer made sense...until I started to think like a kid.  Maybe the answer is much more simple.

I think that deep down, joy is there in all of us.  We grow up...but still remain little kids on the inside.  The simplicity of life, the newness of experiences, the confidence of provision...its all there...it just gets buried a bit in our quest for control of our life.

A child has no concept of bills, danger, pressures of life, time constraints, etc.  They completely depend on others in these areas...and often have no realization of how truly dependent they are.

We too are dependent as adults.  We often fail to realize how truly dependent we are.  We grow far too self confident as we become aware of life around us.

Maybe as we grow more aware of how truly “out-of-our-control” life is, and how dependent we are...we can place our faith in the One who is greater and who is in control...and then let our joy increase.

Maybe today, as you put your shoes on, let out a shout because you’re going somewhere...and maybe you’ll see something new...and know you’re daddy in heaven is going with you.

“Yaaaaay, shoes!”