The incredible impact of great volunteers!

Image I have to say, volunteers are the heart of our church!  We have a team of the most amazing people who make things happen each week at McLane Church Erie!

This weekend especially, I saw people put themselves second and other people first as we kicked off the weekend by giving our new home an extreme makeover!  Over 20+ people came out on Saturday morning to rake, paint, extract bushes, mow, plant, mulch and beautify our building and neighborhood.  In serving, everyone acquired 2 things: tan lines and larger hearts for our neighborhood!

When Sunday came, I was reminded again about just how many people it takes to offer a set of dynamic worship services!  Fully staffed, we served children, served breakfast, loved on many new people who stopped by to check out our church, heard a dynamic band and cleaned up after 2 worship services by 12:30 PM.  After that, we had another team who fully transformed the Downtown YMCA into church with live music, lunch and fun activities for the kids at a 3PM service!  We have the greatest volunteers ever.

If you work, serve with, or even SEE someone volunteering and making an impact take a second to thank them.

It is a selfless heart that is best positioned to accomplish GREAT THINGS!