How to explode a daddy's heart with joy!

On the seashoreAs I left for work earlier today, my son stopped me in my tracks. From the other room I heard the words, “Daddy, stop.  Wait daddy!”  "Yes, Riley" I said.  Maybe he wanted another hug before I left the house?  I turned around to see what he wanted and as I did, I heard these words: “Daddy, stop.  Wait daddy, you forgot your book.”

As he came around a corner, he was carrying my Bible.  This daddy's heart...exploded with joy!

In those moments, I felt a ton of emotions...and became flooded with thoughts. For starters, I was amazed that he recognized the importance of this book to me.  He associated the book with his daddy and he felt the urgency to stop me in my tracks, and then bring my Bible to me.  Wow.  What an awesome morning it was!

I was taken back by the idea that my son watches me.  He knows what is important to me.  This little sponge that I call my son had soaked in moments we spent together...and then reflected back to me what he had learned.  What an amazing and humbling thought.

As I thought about this, I was reminded about what we've been learning in church as we've studied the ten commandments.  We've learned that the ten commandments are given to us so we can reflect the character and nature of God as we do life.

When we reflect back to God the characteristics we've been demonstrated, we must explode his heart!  What greater joy can a father experience?  How else could we possibly express love back to the one who gave us life?

I love how God teaches these little lessons through real-life circumstances.

Today, consider how to make your heavenly daddy's heart explode with joy!  That is real life...when we reflect God's character and nature...we begin to see how truly beautiful life is!