Sunday recap!

Can you imagine a world where everything works as it’s supposed to?  I’ve thought about it a lot this week... I spent much of the week, maybe like you did, glued to the TV...from Monday to Friday...watching the events in Boston unfold.  We saw the senseless act of violence happen at the Boston gun fights in city streets, grenades being thrown at cars...and to the capture of one of the suspects...and the death of another.   My heart hurts for all those effected by the tragedy, and as a church, we can all keep the families torn apart and forever changed by these events lifted up in prayer.   AND WE CAN DO OUR BEST TO LOVE THOSE AROUND US.  To be good reflectors of God’s image and character.

It’s not hard to see that the world doesn’t work the way that it should.  Perhaps, now, more than ever...we need to be reminded of 2 things. (1) HOW CREATION WAS MADE TO WORK BEST -- and (2) OUR ROLE IN GOD’S PLAN TO BRING CREATION BACK TO IT’S IDEAL!

Through God’s revelation in scripture, through the stories in the Bible and through the 10 commandments, we learn of the character and nature of God.  We been given the amazing priviledge of seeing how creation works what will we do with that?  How will we live because of it?

As you and I use the 10 commandments to reflect God to the world, we help God reclaim the world into the creation ideal!  -- And as we live out these creation ideals, we inspire others to do the same!  Friends, this is WHY THE CHURCH EXISTS.  -- It’s God’s plan A to change the world -- and there’s no plan B.

And, all of life, every day, every moment, every second matters.  When we give God the rule and reign, into any NANOSECOND of our life, we’re ushering in His Kingdom...where He rules and reigns...A PIECE OF HEAVEN COMES...and boy do we need it!

Check out this weekend's sermon here:

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