Battery power, living well and the 10 commandments!

1We’ve all been there, seen the symbol...and felt the urgency!  If you’re like me and are dependent upon battery power for certain activities, then you know what I’m talking about. Each day as I use my favorite electronics (laptop, ipod, cellphone, etc.)...I’m reminded that there’s only so much time to use these instruments before they’re expired of power.  Here’s where it gets interesting--

I’ve noticed a relationship between battery power and productivity in my life: as battery power depletes,  productivity increases!  When I'm reminded that there is only so much time and power left...I focus on getting done what’s most important.

I believe this concept translates into life.  You see, every facet of life on this Earth has an endpoint (not to sound morbid)...and we only have so much time and power left.  With this in view, every moment proves valuable.  The question then becomes, "How can we live BEST with the time and power that remains?"

Part of why I’m so excited about this sermon series we’re in, is because we’re not solely talking about the TEN commandments, we’re talking about the foundational rules that life in this world was created to function under.  We're exploring the rock-bottom basics of the creation ideal!  We’re talking about the principles that God set into place to make life work BEST!  And, God created us to live in this world with a purpose...and to live well!  Who doesn't want to live well?

Pastor Brian did a great job introducing the TEN series to us last weekend!  This weekend, we'll ask the question, "What role do these TEN commandments play in our every day life?"  Are you curious?

We can all use a charge in our spirits!

Hope to see you Sunday @ 9AM, 11AM (Erie Site) or 3PM (Downtown Site)!