The launch of TEN - a series on the 10 commandments

10comm640 Imagine the following scenario with me: For ONE day, you considered obeying EVERY sign you saw along the road!   It’s a silly thought...but humor me for a bit...

First, there is a sign that says “Speed Limit 40 MPH.”  Easy enough, you keep the needle under 40 and continue to drive.  Not too bad.

Next, there is a stop light up in front of you that’s illuminated you apply the brakes.  After a few seconds, it turns green.  You then push down the gas pedal to resume travel.  Ok.  Doing good so far.  This seems kind of easy.

All of a sudden, it gets more interesting: A bank up ahead of you says, "Open a checking account today."  You don't need a checking already have one.  You pause...then keep driving.

Further down the road a sign says, “All you can eat wings...come on in!”  Seriously?!  It's 9AM...and you just brushed your teeth!  Plus, you can’t stomach the thought of wings before 10AM...haha.  You drive right past this one too and decide it doesn't apply to you.

There are a many more signs along the road as you travel...must you keep each one?  Is it even possible to consider living like this?  What helps you determine which signs apply to you?

Sometimes I feel like we've made religion out to be like this example.  In the Old Testament alone, there are hundreds of laws and 10 commandments that we're to follow as we travel down the road of life.  Must we obey them all?  Are they all valid? Are we to treat all guideposts along the road we travel on equally? there more to the story...are there more to these “rules” than we see at first glance...?

We're going to explore questions like this as we dive into a new sermon series launching this weekend...called TEN.  We'll talk about the role of the 10 commandments in our life today and explore how (and if) they still apply!

You may be surprised to discover what lies behind the rules!

Services are held in Erie at:

-9AM and 11AM at 1654 W. Gore Rd.

-3PM at the Downtown YMCA at 31 W. 10th St

Join us and invite a friend!