McLane Church Erie's first worship experience in our new home!

IMG_20130322_140937As I was planning out what I’d write to you about today, 3 words came to mind:  Tell the story! So, here it goes!  This Sunday, we’ll start a new chapter in the life of our church as we hold the first ever “McLane Church Erie” worship experience at 1654 W. Gore Rd in Erie...and I couldn’t be more excited.

About 4 months ago, we started to recognize significant barriers we faced each week at Forward Hall that limited our capacity to grow.  As we thought through these barriers and began to pray, it became increasingly clear that the facility we were in may not be the best fit for our church.

We began to pray for direction and then contacted a realtor.  A DAY after calling a realtor, a gentleman CALLED ME.  This gentleman had been part of a church that had also faced significant challenges.  The congregation he was a part of had dwindled to a handful of people, yet they had a perfectly functioning facility (with plenty of space to grow...and situated in a neighborhood of 11,000 people in a 1 square mile radius)!

The remnants of this congregation wanted their facility filled with people...and we needed a facility to fill!  In God's great purposes, it seems as if He brought us together to answer both sets of prayers!   I love how God works...and this weekend, we’ll celebrate just that!

And if that weren’t enough, we’ve been given another hold a worship experience at the Downtown YMCA starting Sunday, April 7th.  This will allow us to continue to minister to those who came to Forward Hall from downtown Erie.  On April 7th, I'm excited to announce that we’ll launch a 3pm service at the Downtown YMCA!

This has been a tremendous set of weeks and we’re so excited by what God is doing in and through our church.  He is truly empowering us to fulfill the mission He gave us to ELIMINATE BARRIERS TO GIVE PEOPLE ACCESS TO CHRIST!

Come and be a part of what God is doing at McLane Church Erie -- meeting at:

--11AM on Palm Sunday (and every week to follow) @1654 W. Gore Rd., Erie 16509

--9AM and 11AM on Easter Sunday @1654 W. Gore Rd., Erie 16509

--3 PM at the Downtown YMCA @10th and Peach St., Erie starting April 7th

I hope you’ve had a great week...and I hope you know that God truly answers prayers!  He’s promised to build His church and He’s doing just what He said He’d do!

Praise God for His good and precious promises and for His faithfulness to fulfill them!  He is so good!

I hope you can check out our service this weekend at our new W. Gore location!  Invite a friend...and I’ll see you Sunday!