Jesus is ___________. What would you say?

jesusis640Jesus is _________? We’ve had this question posted on our Facebook page ( for a few days now and I love what you’ve been feeding back.  Here’s a snippet:

Jesus is: coming very soon, the author and giver of life and hope, the Alpha and Omega, my Saviour, amazing, the only way, up close and personal...

I love it...and I love that the discussion still continues.  What would you add to that list?  How do you see Jesus?

This weekend, we’ll be filling in the blank with another dimension of who Jesus is...that He is fully GOD!  He is the one who holds all power and authority, the one who created all things and the ONLY one through whom ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

How exactly do we know that Jesus is God?  We’ll be answering this question through examining the lives and testimonies of those who were closest to Jesus...and then we’ll make it personal.

In preparing to hear this message, think about what you believe about Jesus...and talk to Him about it.  Pray that He opens your mind and heart to knowing him a little bit deeper and more personally.  Then, invite someone who may be asking the question...who is this Jesus?

I’m pumped for this weekend.  It’s our last weekend at Forward Hall.  What a great season this has been...and I’m so excited for what God has on the horizon for our church as we move into our new facility at the former Kearsarge Church of God (1654 W. Gore Rd. 16509).

Much love - Paul

PS - if you can stay late after the 5pm service, we need many hands to help pack up and get ready for Monday’s move!