Hospitality, deal breakers, game changers and the church


Hospitality...Its what sets apart a good experience from a GREAT experience.  It’s what often determines if someone will return...and if they’ll bring a friend with them!  

We’ve all had experiences where we’ve felt welcomed, loved, appreciated, and cared for...and we know what it feels like to experience the opposite as well.  Whenever your job, ministry, or mission involves people, your efforts in hospitality can be deal-makers or deal-breakers.  

My entire college experience was focused around the topic creating amazing experiences for guests...and it’s amazing how God never wastes a thing.  Even though I’ve since left the hospitality industry to pursue a career in ministry, I find myself drawing on my experiences in hospitality all of the time.    

If we take our cues from Jesus, then we know that we need to welcome in the strangers, care for the sick, feed the hungry, search for the lost and love the unloveable.  (Matthew 25:31-46)   It’s how Jesus lived, and so it’s what we lay down our lives to do as well!  

There are 2 sides to hospitality -- and both of them are equally important.  You can have one without the other...but together they are exponentially more powerful in demonstrating love!  

This Sunday I’ll be talking about them at the 11AM service.  I’ll be casting some vision for where we’ll be going in the future as well!  Don’t miss it!  God has been answering the prayers of many people for many years...and I get the honor to talk about what’s to come!   Hope to see you Sunday at Forward Hall...come early for breakfast at 10!  

Much love!