Grace and peace...and may we never live life without them!

2582919Grace and peace are more than just words.  Think about them: Grace -- God’s favor upon you.  His unending love with you.  His army of angels on your side.  A sense that no matter what life looks like, the God of the universe is working all things out for His good purposes.  Amazing grace that will not change...not now, not ever.

Peace -- Complete trust and satisfaction.  Perfect contentment.  A stillness that knows that everything will be ok.  A non-hurried pace of life that demands that we enjoy every moment.  A soul at rest, a life assured.

The Apostle Paul starts the book of Galatians with these words and also ends it with them.  For this reason, we started our series “Fresh Air” with them...and this weekend, we’ll end the series with them.

And what do we find in the middle?   We find a love story that God is writing with our life where He seeks us out, He sends His son to die in our place so we can be brought near and made new again, and where He gives our life meaning and purpose that will help change the whole world into God’s restored creation once again!

Grace and Peace.  I can’t wait to conclude “Fresh Air” with you this weekend.  May we all live in the Grace and Peace that God supplies.  May it always be enough.  May we never fall back into old ways that counterfeit the true riches of Grace and Peace that only a Sovereign God can give.

Much love -- see you Sunday,


ps - Those are not my shoes.  Just sayin'