What I learned from remodeling...and how change never happens alone!

IMG_20130211_105434This week has been a strange one in our household.  I am not a real “handy-man” of sorts, but I decided to give a try at restoring our bathroom. Day one was fun.  Demolition day.  This is the day that MEN live for.  Taking stuff apart, ripping out the old, creating dust...yes, please!  Here’s how it went in reality:  I got my tool kit...and started some dismantling...

First victim, our medicine cabinet.  After removing all visible screws, I gave the assembly a pull...and just when I thought I had achieved total liberation from the wall...I had to call my wife because the electrical wires were still attached.  I needed help.  Strike one to my ego.

Second victim, our old sink.  After shutting off the water and removing the old water lines, I removed the screws holding the sink the wall.  Ok...ready to go.  I gave the sink a tug and as it broke free from the wall, I noticed it was still attached to the drain!  I then had to call my wife in for backup again as I was left holding a massive sink attached to the drain!  Here's my man card... haha.

After day one, I decided that I’d pre-emptively call for backup from a friend who is well versed in construction!  I learned my lesson about needing help...and then some...

Here’s why I mention this.  All series long, we’ve talked about getting free from the “old-junk” of our lives.  There are things that keep us from experiencing God’s best...things like legalisms we hold onto and expectations we try to live up to.  We can try hard to get rid of them and give our best intentions to break free from them...but truth is, we need help to do so!  And...moreso we need help from each other!

God has created us to be in community.  All throughout scripture, we’re called to share our burdens, bear each other’s sorrows, live as ONE, be a good NEIGHBOR...etc.  You and I are called to live in community...because we NEED EACH OTHER!

This sermon series has been incredible...but to take it to the next level in your life, you need help!  Have you employed a friend to help you live free?  Have you talked with your small group about the expectations you’ve placed on yourself...or those you feel placed on you?  Do you have someone keeping you accountable to the changes you’ve made in your life?  I hope so...and if not...please do so!   Pre-emptively ask for help...because change can NEVER be made alone.

This is why I love coming together each week as one body.  We get to encourage and spur one another on!  Once a week on Sunday is not enough though.  Be premptive in asking for help...join a small group..and let's see how God unfolds his AMAZING plans for our lives all together!

Much love!  See you Sunday!

PS- there are still spots available for Sunday night's small group at 7PM @ Tim Horton's on Peach St.  If you want to get connected...just let me know!