Getting better at life...

fightclub-self-improvementWhat is behind our deep desire to “improve ourselves?” Picture this with me:  If you’ve ever travelled into a bookstore, than I’m sure you’ve noticed the “Self Help” section.  It’s one of the largest sections in the store!  Can you to turn on the television without seeing an infomercial to improve something about your life and appearance?  Can you walk through the mall without encountering new weight loss plans, exercise equipment, tummy flattening bands (my favorite), shake weights, pills to enhance your memory, creams to soften your skin and other “miracle” treatments for every part of yourself that you’d like to see change in?

We set expectations for ourselves...and we’ll seemingly stop at nothing to change what we desire to see improved about us.  According to the Market for Self-improvement Products and Services, the self help industry is a 10.5 BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY.  This is HUGE!

We are serious about improving ourselves...and why is this so?  This weekend, we’ll attempt to answer this question through the lens of Galatians 5.  Could these desires for improvement actually be desires toward being more like God...and is this a good thing or a bad thing?  I can’t wait for our church to hear this weekend’s message!  Come ready to think and be challenged!

And speaking of being challenged...are you in a small group?  If you’re not meeting regularly with a group who loves, encourages and inspires you to keep “walking the walk” than I’d encourage you to enter into a small group!  It’s one of the 4 main environments of our church...and one of the primary ways that we believe God engages with us.    This Sunday night, we’ll be launching a NEW SMALL GROUP...and you’ll have the opportunity to join it!  We’ll also be introducing everyone to our new small group “site leaders” (Matt and Amber Livermore) who are incredibly passionate about getting YOU connected into a group!

There are so many great things going on at McLane Erie...I hope you’re all in for the journey that God has us on!

Praying you had a great week...and I hope to see you on Sunday at 11AM or 5PM at Forward Hall!

Much love!