The GREATNESS of putting others first!

serve-one-anotherIt’s easy to recognize the GREATNESS of putting others first.  Check out this story: Today, as I sat at the medical lab amidst dozens waiting to get their lab work done, I witnessed something pretty incredible.

About every five minutes, a new name would get called and one by one, faces would cycle through the waiting room in which I sat.  About 20 minutes into my wait, the nurse called on a gentleman named Bill.  When Bill stood up, he pointed to another gentleman who had arrived prior to his arrival and said, “Please let this guy go...he came before I did.”

The nurse promptly asked this new gentleman his name.  After this new gentleman stated, “William”, he indicated that he’d been waiting for over an hour.  The nurse discovered that his name had been called a half hour ago...and he got passed over.   Bill, seeing the discouragement on William’s face, refused to get his lab word done until William had his opportunity to go.

The waiting room just about erupted with praise for Bill.  One lady called him the hero of the day, another thanked him for his kindness toward a stranger, and many others changed their topic of conversation to Bill’s selfless act.  It was quite beautiful to witness.

The truth is, Bill didn’t have to do this.  Bill could have gone as his name was called and no one would have thought a thing about it!  He didn't have to care about the people around him...he didn't have to speak up on someone else's behalf...he didn't have to inconvenience himself for another's sake!  Very rightfully so, William could have been sitting there a lot longer had Bill not been paying attention to who God had put in his path...and then act on his behalf.  I'm glad Bill was different than that!

Selflessness shines like the sun.  Everyone can recognize the greatness of one putting another first.  We’re wired that way.  We’re wired that way because God is that way.

I love Christmas because it reminds us of the HUMILITY of an ALMIGHTY GOD who left all the glories, powers, comforts and priviledges of being the only one who is truly ALL IN become a baby and live an incredibly difficult life on Earth...characterized by putting US first.  Wow.

That is love...and perhaps Christmas is the best example of showing this love to the world.   What is our reaction to God putting US first?  Do we erupt like the waiting room I saw today did?  Do we change our topics of conversation because of the magnitude of what we witnessed...and do we pass the story on?

This Sunday, we’ll continue talking about the magnitude of Christmas and what it means for the RESTORATION of the whole world!  Plus, we’ll have something so incredible happen in our services that I’m busting at the seams to tell you about...but you’ll have to wait!  I promise, you’ll be blown away by God’s moving us as a church this weekend!

Hope you’ve had a great week!  Much love!