Living INCONVENIENT values

Culture is saturated with convenience.  Take West Ridge Road in Erie, Pa for example:

In a 20 minute drive across this street, you'll find hot-n-ready pizzas, a gas station that offers everything from (a)nti-freeze to (z)ebra cakes, a mobile pet groomer, fast food restaurants, 20 minute oil change stations, automatic car washes and even a drive-thru barbershop...yes, I said drive-thru barber shop.

In a culture that is saturated with convenience and comfort, it’s refreshing to be a part of something that requires that we live inconveniently...the CHURCH!   What does this mean for us?  And how do we keep the right attitude when the inconveniences of life come?

This weekend at McLane Erie, we’ll talk about the INCONVENIENT values we hold that push us to live more like the ONLY one who ever lived a PERFECT life...Jesus!  We’ll see how a life aligned with Jesus's truly positions us to live the most exciting and fulfilling life possible...inconveniences and all!

In addition to this, we’ll be baptizing members of our congregation who have made a choice align their life behind the lead of Jesus!  Maybe you are one of the ones who will be baptized on Sunday?  If so, I’m encouraged by your faith and boldness.

When I think of all that this Sunday will mean, I think of those who have lived life apart from God with its emptiness and lack of fulfillment.  I then think of those who will come and publicly declare that true life is found only in Jesus who offered his life in exchange for yours and mine.  Wow!

When an amazing exchange like this happens, (moving from death into eternal life, from separation into relationship, from old man into new man) it’s a party!  So, come ready to celebrate.

I hope you can come this Sunday and be part of the celebration.  Hope to see you Sunday at 11AM or 5PM @mclane4wardhall!