A leaky vision!

When you hear the words, “it has a leak,” what do you think of? A roof? A faucet? Maybe a diaper? Ha...welcome to my all-too picturesque reality! When I think of these words, immediately I imagine a 1986 Ford Tempo. What a gem. It was my grandfather’s car and the first car I drove after turning 16. He gave it to me gently used...and I not-so-gently continued to use it. I drove it anywhere the tires would take me...testing its limits on turf and terrain. Not much would keep the tempo down!

However, I learned quickly that when take your car to the limits, you must perform certain maintenance to keep it functioning properly. As time and tires spin...seals give way, joints become loose and things begin to leak.

(If you’ve driven in a Walmart parking-lot soon after the rain starts falling...you know what I mean. The rain illuminates a rainbow of automotive fluid colors...a leaky footprint of well used cars.)

Over time, all things that are being used begin to leak.

Did you know that vision (the reason WHY we do certain things) leaks? It may sound weird...but it’s true! Just like in the case of time, passion, excitement and Ford Tempos...vision leaks as it is being utilized. In a state perpetual motion, it's easy to forget about what originally sets us in motion! As in life, we often so lost in the ‘doings’ that we forget why we started the ‘doings’ in the first place! Or how about in the case of the Ford Tempo...the engine and systems that make the car "go' need to be maintained to keep the car driving and functioning properly! Things, even good things that are being used, leak.

Church is the same way. After a time of moving, going, and being used... we need to perform routine maintenance on our “vision tank” by being reminded of what we’re called to do to begin with! Sunday, we’ll do just that!

We’re celebrating another year of being used by God to do great things...and we must keep the vision in front of us to keep focused and functioning properly! We’ll start a new series called “INCONVENIENT” this Sunday at McLane Erie and I’m pumped to plug some leaks in our church...and better yet...be reminded at what is driving us in the first place to “eliminate barriers to give people access to Christ!”

I hope you’ll join us at 11AM or 5PM as we re-envision a life that is a little more “INCONVENIENT!”