A promise means everything!

A promise means everything. I remember learning the importance of a promise from my dad.  He is a man of his word and he proved that to me over and again.  One such day when my brother and I were little, we were acting like less than perfect children...hard to imagine, I know :).  My dad promised us that if we’d behave at home, he’d take us for a ride on the train at the mall.  We loved the train!  It was a done deal.

(*Sidenote...it is sheer brilliance to put things like trains at the mall, crayons in restaurants, and snack-bars at Target...parents and “fans of peace in the marketplace” everywhere recognize are grateful!)

That day at about 8:30 PM, 1/2 hour before the mall closed, we decided to remind my dad of his promise.  About that same time that it started snowing like crazy outside and my dad was forced with a decision to make in light of his promise.  Much to our surprise, he decided to put my brother and I in our snowsuits and make the trek to the mall.  He said, “I made a promise...and I’ll stick with it” and that night, we rode the train before the mall closed.

This event spoke volumes to us as boys...and it still speaks to me as a man trying to be a dad who keeps his promises.  I know full well that not every dad keeps his promises and there were times in my life that my dad let me down...although, I always knew that my dad’s heart was for us.

This morning, I read this verse and was reminded of the story above:  The Lord directs the steps of the godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.  Though they stumble, they will never fall, for the Lord holds them by the hand. -Psalm 37:23-24

God is the perfect father.  His promises never fail.  He’s concerned about every detail in our life...and walks us through every day.  He’s a man of his word...and His word stands forever.  What a God we have!

A promise means everything...and God’s promises stand for eternity.

This Sunday, we’ll close our “Choices” series as we talk about the greatest choice we can ever make... the choice that asks, “What place will we give the God of the Bible in our life?”  You NEED to hear this message...everyone does.  I can’t wait to be reminded about the characteristics of our perfect father, who never fails or disappoints, who seeks us out, who promises a hope and a future...and GREAT THINGS to His children.

My prayer is that your heart may be so big for your friends and family who may be living in desperation far from the promises of God...that you may be bold to invite them in to hear this message that has the potential to change their life for eternity!