"Choose reality" - More than meets the eye

"More then meets the eye" If you grew up in the 80’s like me, you probably watched the show “Transformers” on Saturday morning TV.  Maybe you even caught yourself singing the song as you read the line above.  I loved that show (and wished the movies could compare!)  In fact, I remember getting Optimus Prime for my 10th birthday...and I played with it until I was...well...age is not really important... :)

Anyway, these “transformers” were cars and trucks on the surface...but underneath were robots who transformed themselves when they needed to...robots with personalities and attitudes.  Hence, “more then meets the eye.”

The eye is a funny thing.  Although it is one of our strongest tools of perception, it is a limited tool.  It can see only what it can see.  However, there is so much more to reality then just what our eyes can perceive.

Elisha knew this in 2 Kings chapter 6.  When Elisha saw an enemy nation’s army camped outside of his door, ready and willing to take his life, it looked pretty grim.  On the surface, this spelled out his end for sure!  However, because of his faith in what he couldn’t see, he wasn’t afraid of what he could see.  God then shows up in a big way.

Maybe you’ve felt surrounded...or ganged up on?  For a second, put yourself in Elisha’s shoes because I know there is something to be learned from his situation:  Imagine opening your window and seeing an army outside your door.  Imagine being completely surrounded by people who desire to see your life’s end.  Imagine feeling like God needs to step in here...or else I’m done!

There is so much we can learn from this story!  How do we deal with reality all around us?  What do we choose to see...even despite what our eyes tell us?

Today, we’ll dive in to 2 Kings 6 and get a picture of the more then meets the eye!

Hope you can make it...11AM or 5PM @ McLane Church Erie @ Forward Hall!

Much love -- Paul