Mysterious ways and the illusion of control...

A few years ago, some Irish rockers said that the "spirit moves in mysterious ways"...I still believe it.   Mysterious ways...hmm.  

It’s funny how often we live under the illusion that we’re in complete control.  We make our plans, we determine our steps, we set our goals, and then we achieve them.  That’s how life works right?   Yet, far too often, we work through these steps and become frustrated when they end up much differently than we'd anticipated!

This past Monday, I had to run an errand downtown as I needed to purchase a book from a local bookstore.  As I worked my way through a traffic jam and other road annoyances I finally was able to find a parking space several blocks from my destination. I’d have to walk a good distance even though I was already running late.  This adventure had already taken much longer then I had anticipated...I was running way behind...and it was quite frustrating.

As I made my way down the sidewalk, my thoughts of frustration were broken as I heard a familiar voice calling my name.   A friend whom I hadn’t seen in quite some time had spotted me as she was getting into her car following lunch date with her husband.  He (who is also a good friend) worked in the same building I was traveling to...weird...which led to my catching up with him as well!   I couldn’t believe it!  

Because of my extended journey through perceived annoyances, I was able to catch up with two great friends...and I ended up having an amazing afternoon filled with unexpected surprises!  The book I needed to grab ended up being sold out--yet, it seemed that the actual intent for my journey was much different then what I had originally set out to do.  God works in mysterious ways.  

Proverbs 16:9 -- We can make our plans, but the Lord determines our steps.

This Sunday at McLane Church Erie, we’ll be talking through 2 Kings 5.  Here’s a story of God doing something incredible in a not-so-usual way...maybe even through a perceived annoyance!  I love that we serve a God who works in this way.  He does way more then we could ever ask His ways...according to His timing...and it’s always perfect.  (This lesson is on the God’s-greatest-hits album of my life...and I have to learn it again way too often!)   

Do we see God leading like this?  Or, when the plans we make are frustrated do we become annoyed and doubtful?    Better yet, what happens when we take God at His word...and trust His leading no matter what it looks or feels like...

We’ll talk about this more on Sunday!   Hope you’ve had a great week!