Unexpected gifts

An unanticipated and thoughtful gift is truly the BEST kind of gift! My wife and I travel once a year to shop for her birthday.  She likes bigger cities with bigger malls and bigger stores...which usually translates into a bigger smile on her face when she finds exactly what she wants!

On this particular shopping adventure, I ended up being the one who found exactly what I wanted...a brand new watch!  It was amazing...an aviator-type square face plate with a white and grey band and vintage type fonts...an absolute gem (and the cost of it reflected its gemlike status as well)!   Crisis!  We were shopping for my wife...and it was way too expensive!  I promptly put down my find and continued looking for a treasure more suited for my wife!   We continued shopping and had a wonderful day together.

Fast forward.  A few weeks later, our friends had just returned home from their travels and they wanted to come over.  Upon arrival, they handed me a a small gift, wrapped up with my name on it.  I didn’t ask them for anything... I didn’t really need anything...hmm.  Ripping open the paper, I found a WATCH!  A square, aviator, white and grey banded vintage looking watch...MY WATCH! No way!  I was elated.  How did they know it was exactly what I wanted?  AMAZING.  I’ll never forget their kindness...and every time I look at the watch, I’m grateful!

This Sunday, as we study 2 Kings 4, we’ll hear about a God who hears a silent prayer from a woman and her husband.  We’ll see God give this couple a gift that was more then they could have ever asked for...without them even asking for it...and learn more about who God is in the process!

There is a twist though.  God did an even greater miracle in their life after some heartbreaking events involving this gift.  I don’t want to give it away...but I believe its the TWIST to the story will speak to many in our church this weekend.  God did the miraculous though...as God often does...when we put our faith and trust in Him!

You’ll have to come on Sunday to find out!

See you Sunday at 11AM or 4PM!