A "lights-out" realization and 2 Kings cpt. 2

This morning as I drove to Forward Hall, I noticed that something was missing...ELECTRICITY! As I drove across Route 20...my commute was in a bit of chaos...as not a single street light was working.  Now, I was pretty sure that “Revolution” had not happened (the new show on NBC where the electricity suddenly disappeared from the Earth)...but I was curious as to how I was going to get to work safely without the aid of stop lights to control the flow of traffic that I was now immersed in.

I realized something in that moment...that every single day I take traffic lights for granted.  Aside from adhering to what they’re telling me to do, I rarely notice them...until they are gone and I’m driving in chaos!

Isn’t that like life?  We tend to pay little attention to certain important “guiding” elements of our life until we’re in crisis mode...and they seem to be missing!  I know that God never leaves us, He’s told us that in scripture.  However, there are times when chaos hits and it feels like He’s absent!  It’s in those times when I realize how long I’ve gone without appreciating His guidance that’s been there all along.   It’s like a light-bulb moment...or rather “light’s out” moment.

This weekend at McLane Church Erie we’ll talk about a “light’s out” moment that the King of Israel faced as he was leading three allied nations into battle with an enemy country.  He faced a moment of “where are you God” as his forces now faced something even more dangerous then the most fierce of enemy warriors...HAVING NO WATER!  He was about to lose the military arm of three nations and possibly his own life...and now faced a real wake up call.

Where was God now?  And why has he waited so long to acknowledge God’s presence in His life?  Crisis mode set in and thankfully he had some good friends that pointed him in the right direction.  We’ll hear more about what happened as a result of this “lights-out” moment on Sunday!

Have you had a “light’s-out” or “where are you God” moment lately?  Have you struggled to see God’s leading...or like me...has a moment like this illuminated you to the fact that you’ve gone far too long without acknowledging God’s constantly available, all knowing, ever-ready, and supernatural power to HELP in ANY circumstance?

If so, come join us for Choices part II this weekend...and invite a friend!