"Choices" series kickoff, small groups launch and the aftermath of finite capability! :)

“Why didn’t you just ask?” Do you remember hearing this statement when you were growing up?  I surely do!

Maybe you know what I’m talking about?  Maybe you’ve heard it too...or better yet...maybe you’ve even used it yourself!

Think of a toddler trying to get into a box of cereal...or lift a gallon of milk and pour it into a bottle...or grab a snack from the top shelf of a cupboard...you get the picture....if not, just come visit my kitchen and you’ll see the aftermath of finite capability!  HA!  When kids try to take on what they aren’t resourced to do, they often create a bigger mess.

I use this example because even though life makes us look like we're growing up, we still are little kids on the inside.  We want to do and handle more of life then we’re equipped to handle on our own.  We try to make choices without asking for help, we try to reach for more then we can physically handle, and we try to carry more then our strength will allow us.  Often times in this process we create a huge mess.

All along the way, there is a God, a perfect parent, who simply stands near by and says, “Why didn’t you just ask?  I am here and I’d love to help you!”

This week, we will begin our new series called "CHOICES."  It will be a study of the first 8 chapters of the Old Testament book of 2 Kings.  We’ll talk about the God who stands nearby in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES of life...who can do ALL THINGS...who KNOWS EVERYTHING...and who is READY AND WAITING to be our perfect help!  We’ll see what happens when choices are made to seek God’s wisdom and advice...and what happens when choices are made to go it alone.  Even worse yet, we'll see what happens when we put another in God's rightful place to help us.

I’m excited for week one to begin!  As an added bonus, we’re going to be kicking off 6+ small groups all over the city!  This week, we’ll hold sign ups for YOU to get into one!  They will be meeting all over the city...and almost every day of the week...so there will be no excuse for you not to get plugged in!

We are in exciting times.  I hope you’ve had a great week and I can’t wait to see you Sunday at McLane Church Erie!

Don't forget to invite a friend!