A "sponge-like" life...

It’s back to school time…let’s do a little bit of learning today!  I remember going to school and feeling like a sponge…where I wanted to soak up any information I could until the point of saturation.  This time of year makes me feel like a sponge again…but perhaps in a different kind of way. Did you know that a sponge is an animal?  Seriously!  A sponge is an animal that you’d probably never see at the zoo…unless it’s dead and in the hand of a junior-zookeeper cleaning the monkey cage!  Great visual, I know!

Sponges live in water, and they derive all of their function-ability from it.  Here’s where the uniqueness of a sponge comes into play.  Unlike the typical animal we have a picture of in our mind, a sponge doesn’t have a body with systems that circulate nutrients, digest food or even feel things.  A sponge functions differently.  The body of a sponge is perfectly developed to be a vessel that water passes THROUGH…and in this passing of water, all that is needed for life is obtained.  A sponge has adapted to allow the maximum FLOW of water into its center where it can deposit nutrients and then pass back outside of the sponge.  A sponge relies TOTALLY on maintaining a constant water flow through it to obtain food, oxygen and remove wastes.  A sponge is completely dependent on the water flowing through it for all of life’s functions.

Here’s the thought I want to draw from today.  We can be like sponges insofar as we need to have “water” flowing INTO and then passing THROUGH us for life…both physically and spiritually.  All throughout the Bible, we’re reminded that we need to be connected with the “source of life” in order to truly live.   One such verse is this:

John 7:37-38 says, “On the final and climactic day of the Feast, Jesus took his stand. He cried out, “If anyone thirsts, let him come to me and drink. Rivers of living water will brim and spill out of the depths of anyone who believes in me this way, just as the Scripture says.”

When we come to know and believe in Jesus (the author of life and the creator of all things) this connection begins.   He nourishes us, quenches our thirst, gives us all that we need…and then allows RIVERS of living water flow out through us…continuing the good work of watering a thirsty world wherever we go!  We become a vessel that God’s love and life-giving power literally pass through to distribute this “water” to a world that needs it!

Do you feel like a sponge today?  Truth is, we all are like sponges.  We need to derive “life” from the water flowing through us…the taking in and giving out the LIFE and NOURISHMENT that God created us to need in the first place!  Without it, we’re just a shell of what we could be…used to clean out a monkey cage.  No offense, zookeepers.

We’re beginning a new series in two weeks based upon the first 8 chapters of 2 Kings!  It’s called “Choices.”  Each day is full of “Choices” that will either keep us connected to God or separate us from His wisdom, compassion, love and guidance.  I hope in preparation for this next series that you can spend some time in 2 Kings.  I’m excited for how our church is going to grow to make good “choices” in these next coming weeks! – See you Sunday at 11AM or 5PM at Forward Hall!