Steering a ship, driving a Cadillac and sparks of inspiration...

Each week, as I sit down to write this blog, I begin with an idea of what I want to write about.  I usually have a thought or moment of inspiration during the week that I want to flesh out into words…sometimes it flows easy…and sometimes it is more difficult. However, with almost 100% consistency, what I end up writing about looks almost NOTHING like my original idea.  Ha!  Its so funny how God works.  A moment of inspiration during the week sparks my thoughts in the right direction…and then God leads it from there as I pray through what He wants me to write about.

We’ve all heard the analogy before that it’s easier to steer a ship when it’s moving…or to guide a Cadillac as it’s rolling down the road…and I think there’s more to this analogy then we think.

In my life, God has used moments of inspiration to “turn the steering wheel” of sorts.  After that, it’s a willingness to yield to God that eventually allows Him to move me forward in His direction…with His power.  It’s a two-part process that He first begins with inspiration…where (1) we yield and then (2) he inspires and propels forward in life.

I had such a great time exploring Romans 12 with you last weekend and one thing that continues to jump out at me are these words in Romans 12:1-2 (in the Message translation):

So here's what I want you to do, God helping you: Take your everyday, ordinary life—your sleeping, eating, going-to-work, and walking-around life—and place it before God as an offering. Embracing what God does for you is the best thing you can do for him.”

In every moment, God desires that we seek Him.  He desires to be the perspective with which we see our life through.  He desires to be the focus of our eyes and heart.  He desires to be the wind in our sails…and the direction that locks in our compass.  He desires to be our centering point, our plumb line and our guidepost.

And that’s just what He does…He guides.

I want to encourage you to think deeper about what God may have inspired in you this week.  Is there a spark that caught your attention…or something that may have turned your steering wheel a bit?  Is there a conversation you had…or an idea that popped into your mind…or something you saw that made you stop and wonder what God is up to?

Think about this past week.  What inspiration do you find?  Pray through it.  Maybe God is trying to tell you something!  Ask God to guide your thoughts, lead your heart, open your eyes and move you forward as He desires.  It’s possible that these “sparks” can be real moments of God-inspired trajectory change!

I also want to encourage you to check out Forward Hall this Sunday as we continue to flesh out this practical advice from the Bible in Romans 12 in how to live and let God lead.

Friends, every moment of life holds incredible significance…I pray that our eyes are opened to see what God is doing and wants to do through us!

See you Sunday!