In acts of love and service, everyone wins!

Small sacrifices often explode into huge blessings! Let me paint a picture for you:

“I didn’t think it was that big of a deal,” my friend said as we sat together and watched a waitress form giant dripping tears over a little extra tip he had given her.  She had been extra attentive to our table that day, and had worked hard to make sure our lunch experience was well taken care of.

She had expressed to us that she had not eaten in a few days because she hadn’t worked…and that all of this food she was serving smelled great!  She was kind, thoughtful, and ready to do whatever was necessary to serve well.

Feeling led to give an extra amount as a tip, my friend did so…and his small sacrifice amounted to anything but small in her world as we watched her gratitude and thanksgiving flood our lunch experience.  I was reminded in those moments of the HUGE results that a small sacrifice can yield when led by the Holy Spirit!

We’ve talked about core value #10 (Change) a lot lately…but now; let’s talk about core value #6… “Every member a minister.”

We’ve all been gifted with something to serve others.  Maybe you've never considered how you've been gifted...or maybe you feel that what you’ve been gifted with is not worth very much at all.  There is nothing farther from the truth.  The smallest gift, when fueled by God’s power and a servant’s heart, has the power to change the world!  And there are no “small gifts”…but rather seemingly small opportunities that God puts in front of us…that are true game changers in the world around us!

Have you considered how you’re a minister…how you’re wired to serve others?  Better yet, what can you do TODAY to serve and be a blessing to someone else?

For me, the strangest part in the story above is that…I felt like the one who was most blessed…and I was on the periphery of the story.  The waitress (who was an incredible server) was blessed by the gift, my friend was blessed to give…and as I observed this encounter in its totality, my heart felt the most blessed out of all of them!

In acts of love and service, everyone wins. 

This weekend at Forward Hall, we’ll be concluding our “Those People” series with a message from Craig Groeschel about “Those Critical People.”  I hope you’ve enjoyed this series as much as I have!

Invite a friend…or invite a critic to our 11AM or 5PM service this Sunday!  Let’s see how God moves as we consider how to demonstrate God’s incredible love and service in the world around us!