What's next!

In case you were not at church last weekend, I want to fill you in on the “change” that we announced in last week’s blog post. Last Sunday at Forward Hall, Andy announced that God has been moving him in a new direction.  For many years now, God has been growing Andy’s heart for the poor in Erie…and more specifically to figure out the reasons for poverty’s existence.  He’s now feeling the call to work directly with the poor in Erie at the Erie City Mission in trying to eliminate poverty and call awareness to this societal epidemic.

He’s accepted the role of the Chaplain of the Erie City Mission.  Amongst many duties, he will work with the City Mission to help eliminate poverty and the reasons for existence.

I KNOW that Andy is a man who prays.  I am fully confident that Andy has bathed this decision in prayer, and that he’s genuinely sought God’s direction for his life.  This is how I can be so confident that Andy is following God’s will…and that God will bless this decision all the way around.

God’s will is 100% good.  It does not just benefit some to the detriment of others…His plans are perfect.  He has a great plan for Andy…and He has great plan for His church.

As I shared last weekend, Psalm 127:1 says, “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”

This has been God’s church from the beginning…and it will continue to be God’s church.  God has built it far differently then Andy or I set out to build it.  We’ve seen His hand guiding it…and will continue to see His hand guiding it as we let Him lead.  We are confident that God is not done building.

Our mission is not changing…and our calling to the city of Erie is not changing!

In the immediate, I’ll be stepping into Andy’s role as Site Pastor.  We will continue having services at 11AM and 5 PM and we’ll keep moving forward as God leads.

I am praying about my “more permanent” role within our church as I seek how God is now calling me to serve.  I would appreciate your prayers for this as well.

I want to encourage each of us to seek the AMAZING calling God has on our life.  God has painstakingly wired and fashioned you to fulfill a place within His body, that is His church.   When we fill these roles, the whole church moves and functions to its glorious potential!

If there was ever a time to consider your role…the jig sawed hole that you perfectly fit into, NOW is the time.  We need your help.   Consider how God has created you to serve.

I’m excited for all that’s ahead.  I take great comfort and motivation in the words Jesus spoke to Peter regarding His church: This is the rock on which I will put together my church, a church so expansive with energy that not even the gates of hell will be able to keep it out. – Matthew 16:18 (Message)

This is God’s church.  He’s promised to build it.  He’s the one leading it…and I’m excited for all that is to come.

It’s also an honor to serve and be part of what God is doing alongside of you.

~ Paul