Core Value #10...CHANGE!

  Did you know that core value #10 of McLane Church is CHANGE!  If you didn’t know it by definition, I’m sure you’ve come to know it through how we do church.

(**think sticky floors and suspended skeletons at the Cellblock…or free food for 1200 people each weekend…or a benevolence ministry takes in $120,000 on Christmas eve and distributes it to those most in need all throughout the year…or the bag project…an ugly bus…I think you’re getting the picture)

We like to do things differently here.  Church should NEVER be boring.  Church should not be boring because people are not boring…and people make up the church!

By Webster’s definition, change is, “to make radically different: to transform.”

As people, we’re all in the “change-process.”  We’re going through new experiences, we’re meeting new people, we’re growing, learning, and being directed to what God’s ultimate purposes for our life entail.  Change happens...and God is a God of NEW THINGS!

Rather then run from it, we’ve decided to embrace change for the NEW potential it yields!

We pray that with each change, God will draw more and more people closer to our Himself and to His church!

God is doing something new and we’re on the cusp of actualizing core value #10, again!  We have another change coming and we’re trusting God’s leading and good purposes in it all.

Please make every effort to come to Forward Hall this weekend as Andy will be sharing about this new change.