Half way done!

Get this…Sunday marks the midpoint of the year…July 1st!   Wow! Not only will 2012 be halfway over on Sunday, it is also a national holiday…it is NATIONAL RE-COMMITT TO YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION DAY!

For the record, 2012’s most popular New Year’s resolutions included the following (in order):

  1. Save some money and pay any loans
  2. Get rid of excess weight
  3. Workout regularly
  4. Stay happy
  5. Plan everything
  6. Find your love
  7. Help others often
  8. Spend more time with your loved ones
  9. Stop smoking
  10. Keep on learning

Now think back with me…what did you resolve to do differently this year?  Is your resolution on the list above...or did you resolve to do something different?  Better yet, are you still on track with your resolution(s)?  My hope is that you are still going strong with what you resolved change in 2012!

In case you’re like me, this Sunday’s “holiday” is a great reminder to keep focused on the change you pledged to make.

For me, my own memory often becomes the greatest stumbling block to my own personal growth.  Great intentions often lead me to starting books that I forget to finish, setting goals that I lose track of achieving, and starting positive routines that never cement themselves in the greater picture of my life.

This is why we need REMINDERS to keep focused.  Are you with me?  A race always has markers that keep runners on the path to finishing…and we need markers and encouragers to keep on our race.

Sundays are these kinds of markers…or points of encouragement to help keep us going!  When we’re all together at church, not only do we have the awesome opportunity to worship in community with one another, but also we get to remind each other that we’re all in this together.  Together, we can encourage each other to press on…to keep going even when it’s tough…and to persevere to finish well the race that is marked out for us!

Hebrews 12:1 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us”

This Sunday at Forward Hall we will gather together again…to be reminded of who God is…to be reminded of who He says we are… and to worship and be encouraged all together in community.  I hope you can make it…and I hope you’ll take seriously the opportunities God places in front of you to invite someone into our community!

We’ll wrap up our series on Jonah as well this weekend…and ANDY’S BACK to finish it out!

I’m excited and I hope you’ll come on Sunday with a great sense of anticipation of all that God’s going to do!

Much love…see you at 11AM or 5PM!