God is in the business of changing lives!

Fact: God is in the business of changing lives and making dead things come alive! How do I know this…you may ask?

For starters…10 people entered into the waters of baptism last Sunday at Forward Hall and if you were there to hear the stories, then you know what I’m talking about!

As each person was given the chance to share their personal story of why they were getting baptized…we were collectively encouraged in hearing real “life stories” of addictions being broken, of hearts being healed, of lives being put back together!  Praise God!

We serve a healer, a life-giver, and a restorer!

If that’s not convincing enough, scripture is full of stories where God works in the lives’ of countless numbers of people…speaking life and truth, giving purpose and meaning, equipping, and walking through the dark circumstances that we often go through as people.  Over and over in the Bible, we learn of a God who is constantly working to make things good again…as they were originally created to be!

This weekend, we’ll be starting a series that highlights our God doing just that.  We’ll learn how God is one who calls us by name, who gives us choices, who equips us…and who reaches down into IMPOSSIBLE SITUATIONS to save!

If you need to be reminded of these things…then this weekend is for you!   We’re kicking off our new series on the Biblical character of Jonah!

Here’s the deal...in your circle of friends, there is someone you know who needs to hear this truth too.  Would you be brave and take a chance on inviting them to church?  You just may play a key part in God’s fixing, healing, and redeeming their life!  Wow.

Love you much!  Hope to see you Sunday at 11AM or 5PM!