Purely sweet tea...

There is something SWEET about tea…

Soon after marrying my wife (a true Southern belle and lover of all things sweet), she helped cultivate in me a love for iced tea!  I love to sample it sweetened, un-sweetened, flavored, home-brewed, fruit infused…and more! I guess you can say that I’m becoming a connoisseur of sorts!

Here’s what I’m discovering about tea.  The less ingredients that are used in its production…the better the taste.  There is something purely good about the flavor of steeped tea leaves…and the less you do to manipulate it…the better!

Since making this discovery, I’ve made it my goal to find good tea in its purest forms and simply enjoy it!  (Sidenote: 1st place goes to my wife’s home-brewed sweet tea recipe with 5 tea bags per 10lbs. of sugar… 2nd place is pictured above…Peace Tea’s Razzleberry…its worth a taste!)

I believe there is a lesson in this.

Life is full of preservatives, artificial flavors, colors and additives that modify the good things that have been created…and yet some part of us yearns for purity…to experience things in their most unaltered form!

We have this longing for things as they were created to be…free from any additives in un-tainted perfection because at our core, we long for the perfection that IS God…who not only created all things…but then said they are “Good!”  --  (Genesis 1:31)

What can you find these days in pure form?

At our church, hopefully you’ve discovered that we try hard to present the Bible in this way…free from any additives…or man-made enhancers.

When we let the truth of scripture steep inside of us, God’s spirit speaks to us, revealing His pure goodness...reminding us of how this world was created to work…and who we were created to be.

Have you been enjoying this series?  40 Days in the Word continues this Sunday at Forward Hall : 11AM and 5PM.

Hope to see you there!