Incredible today!

Today will NOT be without incredible purpose! It’s packed full of meaning, significance and opportunity! However, I’m convinced that far too much of life is lost to un-intentionality. Minutes and days pass frivolously. Our most precious gifts of time and life fly by without much thought…and before we know it, significant chunks of them are gone.

I’m reminded of the last few moments I spent with my grandfather right before he passed. Because he knew that his time was short, he had an agenda. He intentionally took great care in expressing words and sentiments to me because he was living with the end right in front of him.

I believe that’s they key. The weight of each moment becomes much more significant when put in the perspective that our time is not unlimited.

Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

Today is more then just day 11,453 of life. Today’s opportunities may never come again…and once they’re gone, they may be gone forever!

Be who you were created to be…listen to someone’s story, smile at strangers, speak the small words that lift heavy burdens, be sunlight in the darkness, do what seems insignificant with intentionality and you just may find a gold mine of riches hidden in today!

What is God placing right in front of you today? Are you watching for it…ready to jump on any opportunity He brings?

Don’t miss it…life is going faster then you can imagine.

We have very significant moments that we’re planning for this weekend at Forward Hall. On Sunday, we’re talking about how to take a Bible passage…and really study it. This will be a “teach a man to fish” type of weekend. If you’ve struggled with finding meaning in the Bible, and are wondering how to find deeper purpose and relevance in scripture, don’t let Sunday pass you by… The words of hope, the power to change, the map of how life is meant to be lived (straight from the author who created it) is all found inside the scriptures…and we’ll continue to learn about the tools to dig into it deeper on Sunday at 11AM and 5PM! I sure hope you can join us then.

Before that though…here’s to today…make the most of it…and live with intentionality!