Strangers and friends

Earlier this week, my wife and I made a late night run to the hardware store to get keys made.  It had been a very busy day and this was the last thing on our to-do list…yay! (Side note: I love when to-do lists get finished…a satisfaction that I rarely get to feel -- ha!)

As we waited for our keys to get carved, I simply asked the employee, “How’s your day?” He began to tell me that TODAY was the first day back from a vacation. As the conversation progressed, he opened up about being abandoned by his parents early in life and then later told a life of abuse that followed.  He had taken this vacation to find a place to put new roots down…a place to make a fresh start at life.  He planned on moving in a week or two to do just that.

As he finished making our keys, we encouraged each other and then parted to finish our shopping.

This seem like a strange occurrence at first… doesn’t it?   Strangers don’t usually talk to strangers about their deep wounds …do they?

As my wife and I processed the night, we thought about our inherent desire as people to know and be known.  We were not created to exist in isolation; rather we were created to be in community!  This is why it feels somewhat healing to talk about ourselves...and why we like to share our stories with other people.

Part of what makes “40 days in the Word” so exciting for our church is that through this campaign, we are DOUBLING the small group ministry at McLane Church!  The number of those committing to be in a small group during these next “40 days in the Word” is already TWO TIMES the normal small group population of McLane!  I’m so excited for what this means to the interconnectedness of our church!  I’m hoping that in addition to growing in our knowledge of the Bible, we’ll have many opportunities to share the stories of our lives’ within the context of these small groups!

If you’re feeling disconnected, lonely, or in need of community...then this is the (lights flashing, sirens going off, blinking and reflective) sign that now is the time to join a small group!

Home groups meeting all over the city of Erie, a super-group is meeting on Monday nights at Forward Hall, groups are meeting in Edinboro, Union City and the surrounding areas…we’re even talking about launching some online groups!  The opportunity to find great friends and fellow companions on this life’s journey is right in front of you these next 40 days!

I truly believe that these next 40 days will be transformational for both you and I as individuals…as well as for the church that we’re a part of!   Let me know how I can help get you connected!

Remember, this Monday is DAY 1!  Hope to see you at Forward Hall this Sunday @ 11AM or 5 PM.