4/15/12 @ Forward Hall

ImageLast weekend was particularly special for us at Forward Hall as we celebrated Easter with our largest ever morning service!  Praise God that well over 100 people heard about the power of God to raise Jesus (and each of us) from death to life!  Our evening service had even more in attendance!  If we include Good Friday services, we had nearly 300 total people attend worship services at Forward Hall last weekend!   What an amazing weekend! 


Couple that with last night’s launch of student ministry (G3) and we need to pause to Praise God for all that He’s doing at McLane Church Forward Hall.  I am humbled to be a part of a growing, vibrant and active church that is moving boldly in directions that only God could lead us in! 


Romans 9:16, says: “It does not, therefore, depend on man’s desire or effort, but on God’s mercy.”


As I read this verse yesterday in my quiet time, I was reminded again about how things grow.  It would be easy for us to pat ourselves on the back and say, “We did it…job well done!”  We make our plans, we put forth a huge effort, we celebrate the victory…but we must never take credit for God making our church grow.  It’s His mercy that has allowed us to be the church that we are today.  All credit goes to Him…we are just sinful people trying to best steward the opportunities He’s put before us…good plans that He developed centuries before any of us were even born! 


We serve such a great God! 


Sunday, we’ll start our spring series titled “40 days in the word.”  The crux of this series will be to get our whole church to engage with the Bible in new and deeper ways.  This will be a “teach a man to fish” series; as we’ll learn techniques and study tools that each of us can use to practically study scripture!   Join us this Sunday as we kick it off talking about our first core value being the “power of God’s Word to change a life.”


Be thinking and praying about being a small group host!  Sunday, we’ll talk more about all the opportunities that this series will be afford us in forming small Bible study groups!   We’ll even have an opportunity to respond by forming groups!  We need your leadership to make this happen!   


I’m glad we’re on this adventure together.  Hope you’ve had a wonderful week.


Remember – weekend services are at 11AM and 5 PM!  Invite a friend…let’s see how God continues to grow our church!