Mclane Church

Elementary Video

Discussion Questions

  1. What would you do in a talent show?
  2. Who gave you gifts and talents? God
  3. In the Bible story, what made the master angry? One servant hid his talent and didn’t use it.
  4. What do you think about hiding talents or using them to get attention for yourself? Answers will vary.
  5. What do you think would happen if everyone were good at everything? Answers will vary.
  6. When you’re good at something, what can you do to make others think about how good God is instead of how good you are? Answers will vary.


Action Steps

  1. How can you serve others with your gifts and talents this week?
  2. Your gifts and talents are meant to serve others. Who can you serve this week with your gifts and talents?


As a family share things you’d like to pray about. You may want to keep an ongoing list in a journal.

Pray over the requests together and end with the following prayer:

“God, thank You for the gifts and talents you gave to us. Please show us how to use them to serve others. In Jesus’ name, amen.”