Loss of a Spouse

Loss of a Spouse is a 2-hour seminar for people grieving a spouse’s death   

Have you, or someone you know, lost a husband or wife recently...and are struggling to carry on with life?  Loss of a Spouse, from GriefShare, may be able to provide some help.

The seminar features video interviews with counselors, grief experts, and widowed men and women. They offer helpful insights on: 

  • What to expect in the days to come
  • How to deal with the loneliness 
  • What to do with your spouse’s belongings
  • Why it won’t always hurt this much
  • And other practical help for dealing with the challenges of widowhood

Everyone who attends will receive a booklet with over 30 short readings on how to live with grief and eventually rebuild your life.

Suggested $5.00 donation.

Meeting times:

  • Edinboro - Tuesday, Sept. 4th: 10AM -12PM
  • Edinboro - Tuesday, Sept. 4th: 6:30 - 8:30PM
  • Erie - Wednesday, Sept. 12th: 6:30 - 8:30PM

Want to contact the leader? For more information about this and other McLane GriefShare groups, or to drop a note to the leader, visit the GriefShare website and enter your zip code. You may also contact the church at 814-734-1907 ext. 40.

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