Daily Reading from Jeremiah

Lent at McLane Church

More than any other season in the Christian calendar, Lent forces us to ask some hard introspective questions, such as, “How goes my walk with Christ?” and “Am I willing to walk the road that He walked — a road marked with tears, grief and suffering?” Aside from the celebrations and great stories on that path too, we know that when Christ calls, He bids us to come and die.

“Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me.” - Mark 8:34

Lent gives us permission to stop and evaluate, “Is this still the path I want to choose? And what obstacles or rocks have I allowed to clutter the path?” The ashes of Ash Wednesday remind us of our finitude and sinfulness, and the following 6 weeks provide space to reflect on that reality and our utter need for a savior.

Use this page, its daily reading, and prayer suggestion to help you on your reflection.

Each day in Lent, read a chapter in Jeremiah and pray the prayer below.

Daily Reading in Jeremiah

Jeremiah 10: 23-24 (prayer)

I know, God, that mere mortals can't run their own lives. That men and women don't have what it takes to take charge of life. So correct us, God, as you see best. Don't lose your temper. That would be the end of us. Help us to know you, experience your love and renew our commitment to you during this season we pray. Amen.

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