Baptism Weekend - November 10 & 11, 2018

Mark your calendars for November 10 & 11 for an always exciting event in our church year - Baptism! We’ll be celebrating baptisms across all of our sites that weekend. If you’d like to publicly declare your faith in Jesus Christ and be baptized, or if you’d like more information about baptism, please check the box on your Communication Card in church that says “I’d like to be baptized” and place it in the offering. You can also sign up right here by filling out the “Baptism Questionnaire” near the bottom of this page. Your site pastor will be in touch!


What is baptism?

Baptism is the public confession of your faith and your desire to live behind the lead of Jesus.

Today's the day!

Whether you are new to the Christian faith or you've been walking with Jesus for awhile and you haven't been baptized yet, why not let today be the day to declare your faith?

Your story

We each have a story to tell and yours is worth sharing! Here at McLane Church, we like to document people's stories through video. At your consent, a short video interview of your faith testimony will be filmed prior to your baptism and then shared with our church the day of your baptism.

Not interested in being filmed? No problem! We are all about eliminating barriers at McLane Church. If you don't wish to have a video testimony filmed, please inform us.


  • Prepare for baptism by watching the short explanation video (below)

  • Speak to your Site Pastor if you want more information or email questions to

  • Complete the Baptism Questionnaire at the bottom of this page

We are thrilled that you have come to this place in your faith and we look forward to connecting with you and helping you schedule a date for your baptism!

McLane Church Senior Pastor Brian Kelly talks about the significance of a public declaration of your faith in Jesus Christ through baptism.

Baptism Questionnaire

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Today's Date
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The McLane Church site where I regularly attend and where I wish to be baptized is:
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We would like to provide you with a special McLane Church logo t-shirt to wear the day of your baptism.
My Story: To help us share in the meaning of your baptism, please tell us some of the highlights of how you came to know Jesus and your present relationship with Him.
Please electronically sign your name by typing it in all caps, signifying that your testimony came from you personally and is in your own words. PLEASE TYPE YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS: